Friday, September 16, 2011

A makeup look and a reason these are so far and few inbetween.

Well I have to apologize because I havent done many makeup looks. My life is just full of craziness  right now. Would you like proof? Alrighty here we go:

Please notice in the background that in addition to the adorable fudge-sickle covered toddler you have : Bowls , crayons , a dog who is trying to steal the fudgsickle and then will throw up everywhere because he is lactose intolerant , shoes , littlest pet shops , a belt , choo -choo trains , laundry , and little beads because my daughter was crafting.
Im already tired looking at this.  So that my dears is the reason.  I take my daughter to school , I come home get stuff for dinner ready , clean up the mess , watch Riley re- make the mess , then we drive to pick her up and Riley starts to fall asleep right when we start driving and I start screaming " RILEY , NO!! NO NAP TIME YET !! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD , WAKE UP!!!"  Riley stays asleep only to wake up after 5 min of sleep instantly refreshed and giving me no break what so eva.

So as you can read , there is really no room for the step of  " putting on the face" . Nor is there a want to by that point.
But today I went ahead and took the time to do my makeup and decided to do green and purple. A good combo in my opinion.

Eyes : Inglot #384 , 471 , 376 and 72

Blush : Mac dainty and Mac MSF in by candlelight

Lips : mac peachstock with in synch liner

Now after all the chaos in this post I want us to end this post with some peace and tranquility.
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you my Granny couch and to assist me , The king of all things stinky and lazy , Franklin Bojangles the III.


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